Distinguished Activities

Teaching SAT Program

Strong English and subtle accent in all essential subjects as well as the basic skills needed to succeed in any business.

Computer education

Learn many basic skills in using computer, learning parts of computers and how they work.

Sports activities

The football field andgym are equipped with بمجموعة supervised sports equipment , and are مجموعة supervised by a group and of specialist experienced staff.

The Montessori curriculum is an educational curriculum based on an educational philosophy that takes the principle that children carry themselves the persons they will be in the future. It is a curriculum that emphasizes the need for the educational process to pay attention to the development of the child's personality in an integrated manner psychologically, mentally, and spiritually to help them to develop their creativity, problem-solving ability, critical thinking, time management abilities, etc.

التعلم بــــــ


Scientific Skills

IT (programming)
Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

Life Skills

We adopt projects and Montessori as an essential part of the educational process that attracts the students’ attention to the importance of social relationships and teamwork and that opens up their minds.

Language Skills

Teaching our students different languages (English, Arabic, Turkish). Improving the right pronunciation by teaching Holy Quran (Quran phonetics and phonology-recitation and tajweed)

Active learning

Implanting love for teaching and learning among students, and considering learning a fun lifestyle from which students draw all the basic knowledge and information that are considered their way of life.


Drawing and reading novels, for example, contribute to increasing students' readiness to learn , write and read , in addition to the fact that studying the arts positively affects the student's language abilities.

Islamic education & the Qur’an

Connecting students to special Islamic and social values, where each student is given an opportunity to propose a value and aim to generalize it in the class so that discuss it and work on it within the class.

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